I am Prasanth Lalapeta

Co-Founder & Front End Specialist @ Fidisys

Prasanth Lalapeta


Who am I?

If you want to make a Modern Web or Hybrid Applications with beautiful interactions, then you cannot miss out me. A passionate developer who is good at producing high quality responsive web apps and exceptional user experience.



Front End Developer by Job & Full Stack developer by Passion for thoughtful UI.

Skilled in HTML5, JSX, CSS3, SASS, Styled-Components, JavaScript(ES5/ES6), React, Redux, Redux Saga, React Native, AngularJS, ngReact, Ionic, NodeJs.

There is no end for learning new concepts is my common belief.





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See My Journey

Something I guess I can answer properly without using much technical terms. Hope you will like it. Let me try!


I did my schooling at S.T Francis Integrated High School in Venkatagiri

Just concentrated about studies. To be frank don't know what is my future at that time. Only one goal in my mind is to secure good marks and make my parents happy. And achieved the same.

- 2009



I have done my intermediate from Narayana Junior College. Where i started thinking about my career and future plans.

2009 - 2011

I received my bachelor’s degree in computer science from MITS College. Huge turns took place, had strong determination towards my future plan and setted few goals. I was also heavily involved in the department, spending my time to develop mobile applications, wherein my actual and dream plans got started.

2011 - 2015


Freelancing is something you do when you can not get a real job. That's true in starting stage of any best developers life.

Started freelancing after completing B.Tech and while waiting for joining date. That impacts me a lot for performing multiple tasks at the same time. Gives me confidence to choose right stack for my career. Worked with startups to develop applications for one the leading Food Delivery App.


Current Job

I worked with clients of Tata Consultancy Services & Qube Cinema Technologies products as a Front End Developer for multiple applications in the domain of Social media and workplace collaboration. And that leads me to start own startup Fidisys.

My responsibilities include assessing Front End Architectures, Choosing front-end stack, Writing CSS architectures, Configuring build systems to optimise productivity and Working on various JS frameworks.

2016 - Present